MensCraft Suicide Prevention

Healthier and happier men make for better brothers, colleagues, partners, grandfathers, fathers, sons.

MensCraft supports individual personal development as well as strengthen the work of organisations and services in engaging men and boys.

Prevention and Positive Activities Programme

MensCraft offer support for men who are thinking about suicide.

  • Safety & support plans
  • A trusting environment to talk
  • Positive activities to engage with
  • Coordinated support with other agencies
  • Support at meetings and appointments

They aim to reduce difficulties by understanding that:

  • Talking to others can help
  • It is okay to ask for help
  • Noticing improvements and making positive changes
  • Knowing who can help

Referrals can be made via GP practices, Local Delivery Groups by visiting or via the Norfolk Community Advice Network by visiting Self referrals are welcome too.

To contact East Norfolk & Waveney MensCraft, please email Thom Bailey on or call 07521 180598.

You can find out more by visiting their website at and you can follow them on Twitter at @MensCraft_UK or Facebook at @MensCraft.

Please view their suicide prevention postcard below: